Imagine Lavender Farm


This land will remain under private ownership, the commitment to flora and fauna will continue. The new owners will continue to help the Monarchs survive by maintaining natural habitat, Milkweed of several varieties, water and undisturbed areas for them to breed and rest during their arduous migrations in spring and fall. April brings the magnificent butterflies to lay eggs on the milkweed, then again in the fall they pass through feeding on the abundant Frost-weed, resting in the oak trees before moving on to Mexico.

The Honey Bee hives have been moved to a property near Stonewall. However, the native bee population is robust on the land and will continue the pollination of all the flora on the land.

Many birds are observed here on the farm/ranch, some stay all years others are just migrating though the area. All are amazing to see and observe.

Here are two links who provide important Monarch Butterfly information.