Imagine Lavender Farm

Enjoy all the benefits of Lavender while in the field.  All your senses will be active in the presents of the lavender and the patterns planted in the field. The aroma is always present, during bloom it intensified. You can always "pet" a plant for the wonderful aroma to be released and remain on your hands. We have a seven circuit labyrinth, from medieval times,  which was designed for  handicap access and walking for meditative purposes. A Rosary is also in the field, it is present to honor my parents. We are life long Catholics with a deep love of the Rosary and Mary, Queen of all Saints. One can quietly sit and say the Rosary or walk it while praying. Designs are in progress to add a rose area and Statue of Mary in the coming year. On the first weekend in May a Rosary Dedication was held for the Lavender Rosary and Field. Fr. Justin Udomah presided over the service.