Imagine Lavender Farm

2016 will be remembered as the spring of NO blooms!

We were hoping for a good bloom in the Fall, but the plants are still not acting like they should. The blooms that are here are atypical. We will not be opening for the fall. We will be pruning the lavender back and hoping it recovers for the spring!


Imagine Lavender Farm at Rocking L Ranch is located in the Hill Country between Blanco  "Lavender Capital of Texas" and Johnson City.  This lavender haven is nestled within the Logue Family Ranch. Visits to our field can provide relaxation and peace, so bring your camera, maybe a picnic,  and enjoy nature. You could even take a peek at our Fairy Habitat.  You will leave refreshed and calm.

You can also visit our little store, products produced by Imagine Lavender Farm are natural, plant based and handmade with care especially for you.


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