Imagine Lavender Farm


            Bernadette McFarling moved to the family hill country ranch in 2006. The lavender field was her sanctuary from the hectic life as a Neonatal nurse in Austin.  After 37 years of nursing, Bernadette retired to follow her dream of lavender farming. The 6 acre lavender field stretches across a hilltop with sweeping views of the hills and valleys, just on the edge of Blanco "the lavender capital of Texas". One of Bernadette's many charms is being able to have her field of lavender while allowing the wildlife and native plants to flourish along side it. Bernadette's mother encouraged her to complete the lavender labyrinth with pathways large enough for handicap access which she had often driven her mother through. After the passing of both parents, the lavender rosary was built in their honor. With her drive to find an open community of lavender farmers, Bernadette became a charter member and the treasurer for the Texas Lavender Association. It wasn't until Bernadette had serendipitously met Patience Diaz did her dream become what it is now, Imagine Lavender Farm at Rocking L Ranch.