Imagine Lavender Farm




Our family is trying to preserve native Texas land.

During the recent years of drought we have decreased the animals we have, decreased water usage, supported native trees and plants, eliminated non-native species which take too much from the land.

In the lavender field no pesticides or herbicides are used. We remove cactus and noxious weeds by hand.

The lavender is hand watered; plans are being made for a drip irrigation system.

We encourage everyone to do what they can for our land, if everyone does something appropriate to your situation the world will be a better place.

All people should come out into nature to experience the beauty of our land, especially children. Let them touch , see , feel and interact with the world, intervene only when necessary, let them explore as much as possible.



 We have been certified by Monarch Watch as a Certified Monarch Waystation. To receive this honor we must assure a habitat for the conservation and continuation of this beautiful creature. Our land provides several varieties of Milkweed and the nectar plants necessary for their survival. We are helping the Milkweed flourish and planting native nectar plant to increase the wildflower stands we currently have on site. Limiting our use of chemicals is another way we are helping the butterflies.

Please visit our Lavender Field, Monarch are often seen fluttering about and several Chrysalis have been sited.


Anyone can become a Monarch Waystation, there is no minimum size area requirements. A recommended area of at least 100 square feet can fit into most yards and gardens.