Imagine Lavender Farm

When planting and caring for my lavender, a childhood memory of fairies came to mind. I got out some old favorite books and doing the "new age" approach I searched the internet regarding Fairies. Then I started leaving little things around the field to encourage the fairies to come and stay. After some months, I noticed several odd occurrences and found little things- a glove stuffed with moss, tiny rakes and watering cans!! Well guess what.... we have FAIRIES!!! Lots of them, the more little houses I put out the more help I am receiving with the plants. The fairies are amazing, they like living in the cactus, under rocks, in holes in the big oaks and in the houses I provide. I never look when I get a glimpse of one! I just go about my business like I never saw them. I do talk to them and leave thank you trinkets. We have a good relationship, I allow visitors to the area but rules must be followed to protect them.